Covering all major arthropods of medical importance worldwide, this award-winning resource has established itself as a standard reference for almost 25 years. With the globilization of commerce and the world becoming more intimately connected through the everyday ease of travel, unknown arthropod species are being increasingly encountered. This means access to up-to-date, authoritative information in medical entomology has never been more important. Now in its seventh edition, this book maintains its well-acclaimed status as the ultimate easy-to-use guide to identify disease-carrying arthropods, the common signs and symptoms of vector-borne diseases, and the current recommended procedures for treatment.

  • Includes an in-depth chapter with diagnostic aids to help physicians to recognize and accurately diagnose arthropod-related diseases and conditions more easily
  • Updates all chapters with the latest medical and scientific findings, including Zika virus, red meat allergy, new viruses found in ticks, and vaccine development for malaria and dengue fever
  • Presents a greater medical parasitology emphasis throughout
  • Offers electronic downloads containing additional photographs of arthropod-caused diseases and lesions, as well as instructional videos with pest identification aids, basic entomology, and insect and pest ecology.
  • Illustrated throughout with detailed color images to aid identification, The Goddard Guide to Arthropods of Medical Importance, Seventh Edition will remain an essential guide for physicians, public health officials, and pest control professionals.

    part I|1 pages

    Pathological Conditions Caused by Arthropods and Principles of Their Treatment

    part II|1 pages

    Identification of Arthropods and the Diseases They Cause

    part III|1 pages

    Arthropods of Medical Importance

    chapter 10|8 pages


    chapter 11|4 pages


    chapter 12|4 pages


    chapter 13|12 pages

    Bugs (The True Bugs)

    chapter 14|6 pages

    Caterpillars (Urticating)

    chapter 15|4 pages


    chapter 16|4 pages


    chapter 17|2 pages


    chapter 18|8 pages


    chapter 19|18 pages

    Flies (Biting)

    chapter 20|8 pages

    Flies (Nonbiting)

    chapter 21|14 pages

    Flies (That Might Cause Myiasis)

    chapter 22|10 pages


    chapter 23|2 pages


    chapter 24|16 pages


    chapter 25|34 pages


    chapter 27|2 pages

    Pentastomes (Tongue Worms)

    chapter 28|6 pages


    chapter 29|14 pages


    chapter 30|54 pages


    part IV|1 pages

    Personal Protection Measures against Arthropods

    chapter 32|6 pages

    Pros and Cons of Insect Repellents