Choice Recommended Title, March 2020

Optical microscopy is used in a vast range of applications ranging from materials engineering to in vivo observations and clinical diagnosis, and thanks to the latest advances in technology, there has been a rapid growth in the number of methods available.

This book is aimed at providing users with a practical guide to help them select, and then use, the most suitable method for their application. It explores the principles behind the different forms of optical microscopy, without the use of complex maths, to provide an understanding to help the reader utilise a specific method and then interpret the results. Detailed physics is provided in boxed sections, which can be bypassed by the non-specialist.

It is an invaluable tool for use within research groups and laboratories in the life and physical sciences, acting as a first source for practical information to guide less experienced users (or those new to a particular methodology) on the range of techniques available.


  • The first book to cover all current optical microscopy methods for practical applications
  • Written to be understood by a non-optical expert with inserts to provide the physical science background
  • Brings together conventional widefield and confocal microscopy, with advanced non-linear and super resolution methods, in one book

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chapter Chapter 1|11 pages


chapter Chapter 2|25 pages

Understanding Light in Optical Microscopy

chapter Chapter 3|15 pages

Basic Microscope Optics

chapter Chapter 4|18 pages

Advanced Widefield Microscopy

chapter Chapter 5|24 pages

Confocal Microscopy

chapter Chapter 6|20 pages

Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging Microscopy (FLIM)

chapter Chapter 7|22 pages

Light Sheet or Selective Plane Microscopy

chapter Chapter 8|25 pages

Multiphoton Fluorescence Microscopy

chapter Chapter 9|9 pages

Harmonic Microscopy

chapter Chapter 10|18 pages

Raman Microscopy

chapter Chapter 11|14 pages

Digital Holographic Microscopy

chapter Chapter 12|18 pages

Super Resolution Microscopy

chapter Chapter 13|18 pages

How to Obtain the Most from Your Data

chapter Chapter 14|12 pages

Selection Criteria for Optical Microscopy