Turbomachinery: Concepts, Applications, and Design is an introductory turbomachinery textbook aimed at seniors and first year graduate students, giving balanced treatment of both the concepts and design aspects of turbomachinery, based on sound analysis and a strong theoretical foundation. The text has three sections, Basic Concepts, Incompressible Fluid Machines; and Compressible Fluid Machines. Emphasis is on straightforward presentation of key concepts and applications, with numerous examples and problems that clearly link theory and practice over a wide range of engineering areas. Problem solutions and figure slides are available for instructors adopting the text for their classes.

chapter |4 pages

Introduction and History

chapter |13 pages

Dimensional Analysis

chapter |27 pages

Theory of Turbomachines

chapter |33 pages

Hydraulic Turbines

chapter |27 pages


chapter |15 pages

Fans and Blowers

chapter |28 pages

Radial Gas Turbines

chapter |23 pages

Axial Gas Turbines

chapter |32 pages

Radial Compressors

chapter |29 pages

Axial Compressors

chapter |22 pages

Steam Turbines

chapter |14 pages

Wind Turbines