The third edition of the Toxicologist’s Pocket Handbook, like the first two editions, is a scaled-down version of the best-selling Handbook of Toxicology. It provides the most frequently used toxicology reference information in a convenient pocket-sized book. The format remains the same as the earlier editions to allow basic reference information to be located quickly, with the information placed in sections specific to subspecialties of toxicology. A detailed table of contents lists all tables and figures contained in the book by section. This expanded edition contains a number of tables not found in the second edition added to sections on lab animals, general toxicology, dermal and ocular toxicology, genetic toxicology/carcinogenesis, neurotoxicology, immunotoxicology, reproductive/developmental toxicology, industrial chemical, and pharmaceutical toxicology. New information is presented for additional laboratory animals such as swine and primates, infusion recommendations, newer methods such as the local lymph node assay, and reference safety pharmacology values for standard species. Additional information on typical genetic toxicology and immunotoxicology assays as well as in vitro assays for eye irritation are provided. Some tables from the second edition have been updated to include new information that has arisen since the earlier edition went to press. Information from the second edition, such as regulatory requirements that are no longer applicable, has been deleted.

chapter 1|30 pages

Lab Animals

chapter 2|26 pages

General Toxicology

chapter 3|16 pages

Inhalation Toxicology

chapter 4|18 pages

Dermal Toxicology

chapter 5|18 pages

Ocular Toxicology

chapter 6|30 pages

Genetic Toxicology/Carcinogenesis

chapter 7|8 pages


chapter 8|12 pages


chapter 9|17 pages

Reproductive/Developmental Toxicology

chapter 10|36 pages

Clinical Pathology

chapter 11|36 pages

Risk ASSesment

chapter 12|6 pages

Human Clinical Toxicology

chapter 13|38 pages

Industrial Chemical Toxicology

chapter 14|32 pages

Pharmaceutical and Related Toxicology

chapter 15|56 pages

Miscellaneous Information