Stochastic Communities presents a theory of biodiversity by analyzing the distribution of abundances among species in the context of a community. The basis of this theory is a distribution called the "J distribution." This distribution is a pure hyperbola and mathematically implied by the "stochastic species hypothesis" assigning equal probabilities of birth and death within the population of each species over varying periods of time. The J distribution in natural communities has strong empirical support resulting from a meta-study and strong theoretical support from a theorem that is mathematically implied by the stochastic species hypothesis.

chapter 1|18 pages

The J-Curve and the J Distribution

chapter 2|12 pages

The J Distribution and Its Variations

chapter 3|14 pages

Sampling in Practice and in Theory

chapter 4|12 pages

Compiling and Analyzing Field Data

chapter 5|22 pages

Predictions from Data

chapter 6|12 pages

Extending the Sample

chapter 8|12 pages

The Meta-Study

A Review

chapter 9|16 pages

Fossil J-Curves

chapter 10|8 pages

Summary of Theory and Open Problems