This fascinating guide to medical education introduces the reader to the historical development of this important subject through 100 powerful images from the prestigious Wellcome Library Collection that highlight key figures in the field and innovations that have taken place, not just in the recent past but over the centuries. The readable text th

chapter |7 pages


chapter 1|2 pages


chapter 3|2 pages


chapter 4|2 pages


chapter 5|2 pages


chapter 10|2 pages


chapter 11|2 pages


chapter 12|2 pages


chapter 13|2 pages

Avicenna Expounding Pharmacy to His Pupils

chapter 14|2 pages

Teaching Hospital School, Salerno, Italy

chapter 16|2 pages


chapter 18|2 pages


chapter 19|2 pages

Thomas Linacre

chapter 25|2 pages


chapter 27|2 pages

De Re Anatomica Libri Xv, Realdo Colombo

chapter 28|2 pages

A Physician Supervising an Apprentice

chapter 29|2 pages

Francis Bacon

chapter 31|2 pages

The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Nicolaes Tulp

chapter 32|2 pages

Anatomical Theatre at Padua, Diorama

chapter 33|2 pages

Thomas Browne

chapter 35|2 pages

Nicolas Culpeper

chapter 36|2 pages

Boerhaave Giving a Lecture

chapter 41|2 pages

William Hunter

chapter 43|2 pages


chapter 44|2 pages

Astley Paston Cooper

chapter 45|2 pages

A Physician Shouting at His Assistant

chapter 46|2 pages

Wax Anatomical Figure of a Reclining Woman

chapter 49|2 pages

Ecole De Chirurgie, Paris: Anatomy Theatre

chapter 50|2 pages

Doctors Disputing, the Patient is Ignored

chapter 51|2 pages


chapter 52|2 pages

Richard Bright

chapter 56|2 pages

Oliver Wendell Holmes

chapter 57|2 pages

Claude Bernard and His Pupils

chapter 59|2 pages

James Paget

chapter 62|2 pages

Ignaz Philipp Semmelweis

chapter 63|2 pages

Thomas Henry Huxley

chapter 72|2 pages

An Octave for Mr Ernest Hart

chapter 67|2 pages

Elizabeth Garrett Anderson

chapter 68|2 pages

Thomas Clifford Allbutt

chapter 69|2 pages

John Shaw Billings

chapter 71|2 pages

Sophia Jex-Blake

chapter 76|2 pages

William Osler

chapter 77|2 pages

William Henry Welch

chapter 78|2 pages

William Stewart Halsted

chapter 81|2 pages

Charles Horace Mayo

chapter 82|2 pages

Chevalier Jackson

chapter 83|2 pages

Harvey Williams Cushing

chapter 84|2 pages

The Flexner Report

chapter 87|2 pages

George Newman

chapter 88|2 pages

Octagon Ward at Johns Hopkins Hospital

chapter 98|2 pages

Harvard Medical School