Ophthalmology departments are among the busiest in any hospital, meaning that opportunities for direct teaching are limited, and the demand for juniors to undertake procedures is significant.' From the Preface Ophthalmology is a challenging and rewarding specialty that is underrepresented in undergraduate education and, consequently, trainee ophtha

part 1|1 pages

Clinical assessment

chapter CA2|2 pages

SKILL Assess vision: acuity in adults

chapter CA2|1 pages

SKILL Assess vision: colour vision

chapter CA4|1 pages

SKILL Use of the Amsler grid

chapter CA6|2 pages

SKILL Pupil assessment

chapter CA7|7 pages

SKILL Ocular motility

chapter CA7|3 pages

SKILL Cover testing

chapter CA8|3 pages

SKILL Applanation tonometry

chapter CA9|3 pages

SKILL Slit lamp

part 2|1 pages

Patient investigation

chapter P12|4 pages

SKILL Corneal shape, structure and thickness

chapter P14|2 pages

SKILL Ocular angiography

chapter P15|3 pages

SKILL Ultrasonography

chapter P17|2 pages

SKILL Ocular electrophysiology

chapter PI12|5 pages

SKILL Biometry

chapter PI13|3 pages

SKILL Visual fields

part 3|1 pages

Practical skills

chapter PS5|6 pages

SKILL Local anaesthesia

chapter PS6|1 pages

SKILL Diathermy

chapter PS7|1 pages

SKILL Cryotherapy

chapter PS8|5 pages

SKILL Assess lacrimal function

chapter PS9|1 pages

SKILL Anterior-chamber paracentesis

chapter PS10|1 pages

SKILL Corneal scrape

chapter PS11|2 pages

SKILL Ocular-surface foreign body

chapter PS12|1 pages

SKILL Occlude nasolacrimal puncta

chapter PS13|1 pages

SKILL Remove corneal sutures

chapter PS14|2 pages

SKILL Fit a bandage contact lens

chapter PS15|3 pages

SKILL Administer periocular botulinum toxin

chapter PS16|2 pages

SKILL Apply corneal glue

chapter PS19|1 pages

SKILL Perform anterior-chamber sampling

chapter PS24|1 pages

SKILL Forced-duction testing

part 4|1 pages

Surgical skills

chapter SS9|2 pages

SKILL Lateral canthotomy and cantholysis

chapter SS10|2 pages

SKILL Biopsy of ocular and adnexal tissues

chapter SS11|2 pages

SKILL Temporal artery biopsy

chapter SS16|4 pages

SKILL Laser for retinal disease