This book is a result of the authors' more than 40 years of study on the behavior, populations, and heavy metals in the colonial waterbirds nesting in Barnegat Bay and the nearby estuaries and bays in the Northeastern United States. From Boston Harbor to the Chesapeake, based on longitudinal studies of colonial waterbirds, it provides a clear pictu

part I|103 pages

Introduction to Barnegat Bay and Northeast Estuaries

chapter Chapter 1|35 pages


chapter Chapter 2|32 pages

Barnegat Bay and Other Northeast Estuaries

chapter Chapter 3|33 pages

Species, Methods, and Approaches

part II|122 pages

Habitat and Populations Dynamics

chapter Chapter 4|32 pages


part III|198 pages


chapter Chapter 8|16 pages

Overview of Ecotoxicology for Birds

chapter Chapter 9|31 pages

Effects of Metals in Birds

chapter Chapter 11|50 pages

Heavy Metal Levels in Terns and Black Skimmers

chapter Chapter 12|30 pages

Heavy Metal Levels in Gulls

part IV|62 pages

Implications, Conclusions, and the Future

chapter Chapter 15|34 pages

Colonial Waterbirds—The Future