From Basic Fundamentals to Advanced Design ApplicationsA culmination of the author's more than 20 years of research efforts, academic papers, and lecture notes, Combine Harvesters: Theory, Modeling, and Design outlines the key concepts of combine harvester process theory and provides you with a complete and thorough understanding of combine harvest

Introduction to Combine Harvesters. System Modeling, Simulation, and Control. Crop Harvesting Data and Plant Properties. Plant Cutting, Gathering, and Conveying Processes and Equipment. Cereal Threshing and Separating Processes: Threshing Units. Separation Process and Operation of Straw Walkers. Cleaning Unit Process and Operation. Grain Conveying Process and Equipment. Crop Residue Chopping and Spreading Processes and Equipment. Corn Ear Dehusking Process and Equipment. Power System of a Combine Harvester. Dynamic Modeling of Material Flow in a Combine Harvester. Sensors and Fault Diagnosis Systems for Combine Harvesters. Cab, Controls, and Human-Machine Interface. Guidance and Control of Autonomous Combine Harvesters. References. Bibliography. Appendix.