China is the world's top agricultural producer according to a World Trade Organization 2010 report, but a growing number of alarming safety issues has put the world's top manufacturer of food on the defensive. Food Safety in China: A Comprehensive Review chronicles China's current food safety problems from a professional perspective. This te

Market Supply and Quality and Safety of Major Edible Agricultural Products. Food Industry Development and Food Quality in the Production Chain. Food Safety Supervision in Circulation and Food Quality and Safety. Quality and Safety of Import and Export Food. Food Safety Risk Assessment and Risk Characteristic Analysis at the Macrolevel. Food Safety Evaluation and Concerns of Urban and Rural Residents. Evolutionary Development of the Chinese Food Safety Legal System. Evolution and Reform of the Chinese Food Safety Management System. Construction and Development of a Food Safety Standard System. Research Report on Food Safety Information Disclosure. Food Safety Incidents of Concern in Chinese Mainland and a Brief Review. Research on Agricultural Production Mode Transformation: Vegetable Farmers' Willingness to Adopt Biopesticides in Cangshan County, China. Main Conclusions and Research Prospects. Governance in China. References. Index.