The agribusiness supply chain includes a number of processes such as supply management, production management, and demand management to customers through a competitive distribution channel. Each step of the way can be plagued with issues such as diversity of production and demand, bulkiness of produce, perishability, and seasonality. Highlighting t

Agribusiness: Nature, Complexity, and Importance of Supply Chain. Role of Supply Chain Drivers for Success of Agribusiness. Agri Inputs: Production Centre to Farm Gate. Agri Farm Output: Farm Gate to Market Supply Chain Network. Agribusiness: Processors Supply Chain Challenges. Retailing of Agricultural Goods both Processed and Farm Fresh. Perishables and Challenges in Managing the Supply Chain. Role of Infrastructure for Managing Agri Supply Chain. Quality Systems for Agri Product Sector. IT and Technology for Effectiveness in Agribusiness. Supply Chain Risk Mitigation Strategies in Agribusiness. Challenges in Financial Flows in Agribusiness. Role of Government in Enabling Agribusiness Supply Chain. Cases for Discussion.