The demands of production, such as thin films in microelectronics, rely on consideration of factors influencing the interaction of dissimilar materials that make contact with their surfaces. Bond formation between surface layers of dissimilar condensed solids-termed adhesion-depends on the nature of the contacting bodies. Thus, it is necessary to d

Methods of experimental investigations of the surface properties of solids. Localised states and surface elementary excitations. Surface properties of solids and methods of describing them. Calculation of the surface characteristics of metals using the method of functional of electronic density. Calculation of the adhesion characteristics of the metals and melts using the density functional method. Calculating the adhesion characteristics of metals, semiconductors and complex compounds on the basis of dielectric formalism. Friction of the surfaces of solids in the absence of lubrication (dry friction). Theoretical models and methods of describing adsorption of metal atoms on metallic surfaces. Ferromagnetism of ultra-thin films of transition metals. Appendix. Determination of the minimum of the function of N variables.