This guide for the diagnosis and treatment of lymphomas in dogs and cats is organized into two parts: noncutaneous and cutaneous lymphomas. Assisting the practitioner in identifying lymphomas that can be treated and defining the outcome that can be expected, the practical guide includes detailed discussion about the assessment methods used to help

ContentsPart 1) Non-Cutaneous Lymphoma in the Dog and CatIncidence and Prevalence 1Etiology 4Histologic Classification 12Immunophenotyping 20AgNOR Assessment 25Clinical Features 26Clinical Laboratory Findings 36Paraneoplastic Syndromes 38Diagnosing and Staging 45Evaluating Treatment Protocols For Lymphoma 48Chemotherapy Options For Treatment 54Potential Complications Of Chemotherapy 72Other Treatment Options Worth Considering 80Chemotherapy Combined With Radiation Therapy 83Nutritional Therapy 84Rescue Therapy 85Part 2) Cutaneous Lymphoma in the Dog and CatClinical Features 97Diagnosis and Staging 98Treatment and Prognosis 98References 101Index 117