Delivering excellent service to all customers is the key imperative for many sustainable businesses. So why do so many supply chains struggle to fulfill customer requirements at competitive costs? The answer is simple: traditional supply chain planning, which was tailored to a predominantly stable and predictable business environment, cannot handle

Why LEAN SCM? The Challenge of Supply Chain Planning in VUCA World. Evolution of Supply Chain Management LEAN SCM Paradigm LEAN SCM Perspectives. Strategic LEAN SCM Planning Process. Tactical SCM Process. Operative LEAN SCM. Organization for LEAN SCM. Performance Management for LEAN SCM. LEAN SCM IT system landscape. LEAN SCM journey. Practioners Experience with LEAN SCM: AstraZeneca�s Lean SCM Journey,. Eli Lilly�s Synchronized Lean Production. Novartis� Buffer Management Concept. AstraZeneca�s Rhythm Wheel Excellence Site. The Lean production Initiative at PCI � a BASF company. Leveled Flow Design of a Major Scandinavian PharmaCo.