The use of high-pressure techniques has become popular for studying the nature of substances and phenomena occurring in them, especially as a means of obtaining new materials (synthesis under high pressure) and processing known materials (hydroextrusion). A product of many years of research by the authors and their colleagues, Phase Transitions in

Phase equilibria and kinetics of phase transformations under high pressure. Equipment and methods for the study of phase transformations in solids at high pressures. Phase transformations of carbon and boron nitride at high pressure and deformation under pressure. Phase transitions in Si and Ge at high pressure and deformation under pressure. Polymorphic a- transformation in titanium, zirconium and zirconium-titanium alloys. Phase transformations in iron and its alloys at high pressure. Phase transformations in gallium and cerium. On the possible polymorphic transformations in transition metals under pressure. Pressure-induced polymorphic transformations in IBVII compounds. Phase transformations in AIIBVI and AIIIBV semiconductor compounds. Effect of pressure on the kinetics of phase transformations in iron alloys. Transformations during deformation at high pressure. Effects due to phase transformations at high pressure. Kinetics and hysteresis in high-temperature polymorphic transformations under pressure. Hysteresis and kinetics of low-temperature polymorphic transformations under pressure. Kinetics of phase transformations under pressure and the synthesis of high-pressure phases.