Following in the tradition of the popular first edition, Principles of Food Toxicology, Second Edition integrates the general principles of toxicology with a systematic characterization of the most important food-borne toxicants. Ideal as a textbook in a food toxicology course, and also as a monograph dealing with principles of food toxicology as t

Basics of Toxicology Connected to Food. Introduction.Routes of Xenobiotics in an Organism. Toxic Response. Analytical Toxicology: Determination of Foreign Compounds. Evaluation of Toxicity of Substances. Toxicological Safety and Risk Analysis. Internet Sources of Toxicological Information. Main Groups of Food-Borne Toxicants. Endogenous Plant Toxicants. Geochemical Pollutants that Plants Absorb from Soil. Environmental Pollutants. Mycotoxins. Animal Endogenous Poisons. Food Toxins from Sea. Pesticide Residues. Veterinary Drugs and Feed Additives. Toxicants Unintentionally Entering Food During Processing, Storage, and Digestion. Food Additives. Vitamins. Food Adulterations. References. Glossary.