Highly Commended, BMA Medical Book Awards 2014The fifth edition of this highly successful and well-regarded book continues to provide those working in neonatal intensive care units with precise instructions on the diagnosis and management of common neonatal problems. This edition has been extensively updated and revised, while retaining the backgro

part 1|1 pages

Organization and delivery of care

part 2|1 pages

Pregnancy and early neonatal life

chapter 5|3 pages

Genetic disease

chapter 6|16 pages

Neonatal resuscitation and stabilization

chapter 8|4 pages

Physical examination of the newborn

part 3|1 pages

Nutrition and fluid balance

chapter 1|13 pages

Fluid and electrolyte balance

chapter 11|13 pages

Neonatal enteral nutrition

chapter 12|7 pages

Parenteral nutrition

part 4|1 pages

Diseases and their management

chapter 13|56 pages

Acute disorders of the respiratory tract

chapter 14|10 pages

Chronic lung disease

chapter 15|5 pages

Apnoeic attacks

chapter 16|32 pages


chapter 17|19 pages

Neurological problems

chapter 19|6 pages

Endocrine disorders

chapter 20|14 pages

Neonatal jaundice and liver disease

chapter 21|14 pages

Gastroenterological problems

chapter 23|16 pages

Neonatal haematology

chapter 24|9 pages

Genitourinary problems

chapter 25|5 pages

Eye disorders

chapter 26|5 pages

Skin disorders

chapter 27|5 pages

Orthopaedic and bone disorders

chapter 28|4 pages

Neonatal abstinence syndrome

part 5|1 pages

Procedures and their complications

chapter 29|13 pages

Procedures and iatrogenic complications