Maize is among the most widely spread and widely used crops of the world, used for cereals for over 4 billion humans, as food for farm animals, and as a source material for biofuel production. Yet there are relatively few books on the cropping system of this important crop. This book, Maize Agroecosystem, is a concise treatise dealing with agronomy

Maize Agroecosystem: Origin, Physiography, Expanse, and Production. Soils of the Maize Agroecosystem: Tillage and Nutrient Dynamics. Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium in Maize Agroecosystems. Secondary and Micronutrients in Maize Agroecosystems. Maize Roots, Rhizosphere, Soil Microbes, and Nutrient Dynamics. Crop Physiology, Genetic Improvement, and Nutrient Dynamics.