Today, with physician and hospital reimbursement being cut and tied to quality incentives, physicians and health plans are revisiting the concept of integration. Payers are demanding that the industry do more with less without sacrificing quality of care. As a result, physicians again find themselves integrating and aligning with hospitals that hav

section Section I|2 pages

Introduction to Provider Organizations

chapter 1|8 pages

The Goals and Objectives of Physician Alignment and Integration

Form Follows Function

chapter 2|20 pages

Independent Practice Associations (IPAs)

chapter 3|14 pages

Physician Hospital Organizations (PHOs)

chapter 4|10 pages

Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs)

chapter 5|6 pages

Management Services Organizations (MSOs)

section Section II|2 pages

Integrated Health Delivery System Development

chapter 6|10 pages

Corporate Form

Myriad Choices

chapter 7|10 pages

The Steering Committee Gets Busy

Step-by-Step Instructions for What to Do and How to Do It

chapter 9|6 pages

Network Financial Management

The Intersection of Finance, Utilization Management and Capitated Risk Management

chapter 11|10 pages

Credentialing Committee’s Assignment

What to Do and How to Do It

chapter Chapter 12|20 pages

Antitrust Compliance Task Force

Understanding Antitrust Concerns for Provider Networks *

chapter 13|12 pages

Business Plan Development

chapter 14|8 pages

Guidance for the IT Committee

section Section III|2 pages

Business Development

chapter 15|12 pages

Contracting with Payer Organizations

chapter 20|10 pages

Beyond Traditional HMO and PPO Contracts

Direct Contracting with Employer-Sponsored Health Benefit ERISA Plans