The rapid growth in the applications of electronic materials has created an increasing demand for reliable techniques for examining and characterizing these materials. This book explores the area of x-ray diffraction and the techniques available for deployment in research, development, and production. It maps the theoretical and practical background necessary to study single crystal materials using high resolution x-ray diffraction and topography. It combines mathematical formalism with graphical explanations and hands-on advice for interpreting data, thus providing the theoretical and practical background for applying these techniques in scientific and industrial materials characterization

Preface, 1. Introduction: Diffraction Studies of Crystal Perfection, 2. High Resolution X-ray Diffraction Techniques, 3. Analysis of Epitaxial Layers, 4. X-ray Scattering Theory, 5. Simulation of X-ray Diffraction Rocking Curves, 6. Analysis of Thin Films and Multiple Layers, 7. Triple-axis X-ray Diffractometry, 8. Single-crystal X-ray Topography, 9. Double-crystal X-ray Topography, 10. Synchrotron Radiation Topography, Index