Evolutionally optimized biomolecules and their complexes present attractive objects in the production of functionalized nanoobjects. Indeed, nucleic acid-based molecules are primary candidates as building blocks for development of nanoscale systems and devices.Written for chemists, physicists, molecular biologists, and students in related fields, N

Nanoparticles and Biological Molecules. Nanostructures Formed by Hybridization of Synthetic Single- Stranded DNA Molecules. "Liquid" Nanoconstructions Based on Spatially Ordered Double-Stranded DNA Molecules. "Rigid" Nanoconstructions Based by Spatially Ordered Double-Stranded DNA Molecules Complexed with Various Compounds and Nanoparticles. Viral Particles as "Rigid" Biological Nanoconstructions: Their Creation and Medical Application Prospects. Application of "Liquid" and "Rigid" DNA Nanoconstructions Immobilized in Polymeric Hydrogel as Sensing Units.