Existing and impending water shortages argue for improving water quantity and quality management. Groundwater Optimization Handbook: Flow, Contaminant Transport, and Conjunctive Management helps you formulate and solve groundwater optimization problems to ensure sustainable supplies of adequate quality and quantity. It shows you how to more effecti

Introduction to S-O Concepts: Essence of Optimizing Groundwater Management. Introduction to Mathematical Optimization for Groundwater Strategy Design. Optimization Theory: Optimization Problem Types and Categories. Deterministic Optimization. Optimization with Uncertainty. Multiobjective Optimization Approaches. Exact and Approximation Simulator Theory: Embedded Numerical and Analytical Equations. Response Matrix Simulators. Approximation and Other Simulators. S-O Processes and Guidance: Formulating Optimization Problems and Selecting S-O Tools. Preparing Data Input and Implementing S-O Tool. Groundwater and Conjunctive Management S-O Application Guidance. Groundwater Contamination and Transport Management S-O Application Guidance. Applications: Hydraulic S-O Modeling Applications. Contaminant Transport S-O Modeling Applications. Closure. Glossary. Index.