Designed for senior undergraduate or first-year graduate students in biomedical engineering, Biofluid Mechanics: The Human Circulation, Second Edition teaches students how fluid mechanics is applied to the study of the human circulatory system. Reflecting changes in the field since the publication of its predecessor, this second edition has been ex

FLUID AND SOLID MECHANICS AND CARDIOVASCULAR PHYSIOLOGY: Fundamentals of Fluid Mechanics. Introduction to Solid Mechanics. Cardiovascular Physiology. BIOMECHANICS OF THE HUMAN CIRCULATION: Rheology of Blood and Vascular Mechanics. Static and Steady Flow Models. Unsteady Flow and Nonuniform Geometric Models. Native Heart Valves. CARDIOVASCULAR IMPLANTS, BIOMECHANICAL MEASUREMENTS, AND COMPUTATIONAL SIMULATIONS: Prosthetic Heart Valve Dynamics. Vascular Therapeutic Techniques. Fluid Dynamic Measurement Techniques. Computational Fluid Dynamic Analysis of the Human Circulation. Index.