Stirling Convertor Regenerators addresses the latest developments and future possibilities in the science and practical application of Stirling engine regenerators and technology. Written by experts in the vanguard of alternative energy, this invaluable resource presents integral scientific details and design concepts associated with Stirling conve

Introduction. Unsteady Flow and Heat Transfer Theory. Correlations for Steady/Unsteady Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer. Fundamentals of Operation and Types of Stirling Devices, with Descriptions of Some Sample Devices (Including Power and Cooling Levels). Types of Stirling Engine Regenerators. Random-Fiber Regenerators-Actual Scale. Random-Fiber Regenerator-Large Scale. Segmented-Involute-Foil Regenerator-Actual Scale. Segmented-Involute-Foil Regenerator-Large-Scale (Experiments, Analysis, and Computational Fluid Dynamics). Mesh Sheets and Other Regenerator Matrices. Applications Other Than Stirling Engines. Summary and Conclusions. Future Work. Appendices. Nomenclature.