Microcontroller Programming: An Introduction is a comprehensive one-stop resource that covers the concepts, principles, solution development, and associated techniques involved in microcontroller-based systems. Focusing on the elements and features of the popular and powerful Motorola 68HC11 microcontroller IC as a representative example, this book

chapter 1|34 pages

Number Systems, Operations, and Codes

chapter 2|54 pages

Semiconductors and Digital Logic

chapter 3|44 pages

Microcontroller Hardware

chapter 4|16 pages

Microcontroller Software

chapter 5|41 pages


chapter 6|43 pages

Control Structures and Subroutines

chapter 7|51 pages

Hello World!

chapter 8|36 pages

Input/Output (I/O) Ports

chapter 9|55 pages


chapter 10|28 pages

Analog Capture

chapter 11|15 pages

Input Capture

chapter 12|30 pages

Higher-Level Programming