Although the precepts of software engineering have been around for decades, the field has failed to keep pace with rapid advancements in computer hardware and software. Modern systems that integrate multiple platforms and architectures, along with the collaborative nature of users who expect an instantaneous global reach via the Internet, require u

Why Social Networking? Social Networking Tools at Work. Preparing Team to Collaborate. Knowledge Sharing and Software Engineering Teams: A Study. Action Learning Teams. Knowledge across Social Networks. Measuring Social Software Engineering. Social Engineering Paradigm Remixed. Mobile Social Software Engineering. Legal, Privacy, and Security Issues. Appendices: Social Software Engineering Tools. Community of Practice Practitioner's Guide. Knowledge Discovery Techniques. Staff Competency Survey. Behavioral Competencies. Balanced Scorecard Metrics. Glossary. Brief EMML Reference. Computer Use Policy. Best Practices Security Checklist. User Interface Design Guide. Index.