Most security books on Java focus on cryptography and access control, but exclude key aspects such as coding practices, logging, and web application risk assessment. Encapsulating security requirements for web development with the Java programming platform, Secure Java: For Web Application Development covers secure programming, risk assessment, and

The Internet Phenomenon. Introducing Information Security. Introducing Web Application Security. Web Application Security-A Case Study. FOUNDATIONS OF A SECURE JAVA WEB APPLICATION. Insights into Web Application Security Risk. Risk Assessment for the Typical E-Commerce Web Application. BUILDING A SECURE JAVA WEB APPLICATION. Developing a Bulletproof Access Control System for a Java Web Application. Application Data Protection Techniques. Effective Application Monitoring: Security Logging for Web Applications. Secure Coding Practices for Java Web Applications. TESTING JAVA WEB APPLICATIONS FOR SECURITY. Security Testing for Web Applications. Practical Web Application Security Testing. Appendix A: Application Security Guidelines for the Payment Card Industry Standards (PCI-DSS and PA-DSS).