Using classic thermodynamic principles as the point of departure, this new edition of a popular resource supplies the understanding and tools required to measure process efficiency and sustainability with much improved accuracy. Exploring the driving forces in the chemical and power industries, Efficiency and Sustainability in the Energy and Chemic

BASICS. Thermodynamics Revisited. Energy "Consumption" and Lost Work. Entropy Generation: Cause and Effect. Reduction of Lost Work. THERMODYNAMIC ANALYSIS OF PROCESSES. Exergy, a Convenient Concept. Chemical Exergy. Simple Applications. CASE STUDIES. Energy Conversion. Separations. Chemical Conversion. SUSTAINABILITY. Sustainable Development. Efficiency and Sustainability in the Chemical Process Industry. CO2 Capture and Sequestration. Sense and Nonsense of Green Chemistry and Biofuels. Solar Energy Conversion. Future? Future Trends. Epilogue. Problems. Index. Each chapter includes an "Introduction", "Concluding remarks", and "References".