Care home workers increasingly work with people nearing the end of their lives, including people with medically complex conditions. However, many do not have a medical background and find that practical advice on how to address these people's very specific needs is scarce. In this book, Christine Reddall draws on almost four decades of nursing expe

What is Palliative care? What is a Macmillan Nurse? What is a Hospice? What is cancer? What is a syringe driver? Symptom control. Breathlessness (Dyspnoea). Constipation. Fatigue. Mouth problems. Nausea and vomiting. Pain. Difficulty eating and drinking. Other symptoms. Difficult Questions. Spiritual distress in Palliative Care. The dying process. A good death. After death. Acute medical events in Palliative care. Acute terminal events in Palliative care. Morphine and pain patches. Dementia. Palliative care for people with learning disabilities. The unexpected. Older people in care homes. Benefits and grants in Palliative care. Care pathways in Palliative care. Advanced care planning. Palliative care Education. Looking after yourself.