Transport phenomena in plasmas are the relatively slow processes of particle momentum and energy transport systems in a state of mechanical equilibrium. In contrast to neutral gases, these phenomena in plasmas are greatly influenced by self-consistent fields, in particular electric fields. These can produce particle and energy fluxes, in addition t

Introduction. Transport Equations. Sheath Structure and Effective Boundary Conditions for Plasma Equations. Transport Processes in the Absence of Magnetic Field. One-Dimensional Diffusion in a Magnetized Plasma. Diffusion of Unbounded Plasma in Magnetic Field. Diffusion of a Bounded Weakly Ionized Magnetized Plasma. Thermodiffusion in Magnetic Field. Influence of Net Current through Plasma Inhomogeneity on its Evolution on Absence of Magnetic Field. Inhomogenieties in Currentless Multispecies Plasmas with Great Distinction in Partial Temperatures. Evolution of Magnetized Plasma in Presence of Net Current. Electron Energy Transport.