The field of cytokine research is expanding at a rapid pace Contributions from the major leading groups in the world on the structure and biological properties of cytokine and cytokine receptors, as well as integrated reviews on cytokines in various physiological and pathological conditions were presented in three issues of International Reviews of

1. IL-1/IL-18 Family of Cytokines and Receptors 2. IL-2, IL-15 and Their Receptors 3. Leukemia Inhibitory Factor: Part of a Large Ingathering Family 4. Cytokines in Hematopoiesis 5. IL-4 and IL-13: Commonalities and Differences 6. Biological and Molecular Characteristics of IL-5 and Its Receptor 7. IL-6 and Its Receptors 8. TNF and TNF Receptor Superfamily 9. Genetic Deificiency in TNF Receptor 10. IL-7, a Non-Redundant Potent Cytokine Whose Over-Expression Massively Perturbs B-Lymphopoiesis 11. IL-7 Knock Out Mice Implications for Lymphopoiesis and Organ-Specific Immunity 12. Lymphocyte Responses to Chemokines 13. IL-9 and Its Receptor: From Structure To Function 14. IL-10 As a Key Regulator of Inflammation and Stress Responses 15. Proinflammatory and Immunoregulatory Functions of IL-12 16. Signaling and Functional Properties of IL-16 17. Interleukin-17 18. Spanning Innate and Adaptive Immunity: A Role for IL-18 19. The Role of Interferon G in Experimental Autoimmune Disease 20. Type I Interferons 21. TGF-b: From Gene Targetin g to Gene Therapy 22. Cytokine Receptors: Structures and Signal Transduction 23. Signal Transduction Through Cytokine Receptors 24. Transcription al Control of Cytokine Genes 25. Human Th1/Th2 Cells in Health and Disease 26. Cytokines and Cancer 27. Subterfuges and Sabotage: Virus Manipulation of Cytokine Networks 28. Cytokines and Chemokines in HIV Infection: Implications for Therapy 29. Cytokines in Parasitic Diseases: The Example of Cutaneous Leishmaniasis 30. Cytokines in Autoimmune Disorders 31. Cytokines in Organ Transplantation 32. Cytokines and Human Reproduction 33. Inherited Cytokine and Cytokine Receptors Defects in Man 34. Cytokines in the Neuroendocrine System 35. The Chronobiology of Human Cytokine Production 36. Methods for Clinical Investigation of Cytokine and Cytokine Receptors