This work examines the exaggerations, misunderstandings and muddled terminology that often characterize the controversies regarding the safety of food irradiation. It sets out to untangle the conflicting claims asserted by the proponents and opponents of this modern method of food processing. Information is drawn from international scientific and p

chapter 1|8 pages

Introduction: How It All Began

How It All Began

chapter 2|34 pages

Radiation Sources and Process Control

chapter 3|46 pages

Chemical Effects of Ionizing Radition 43

chapter 4|54 pages

Biological Effects of Ionizing Radiation

chapter 5|30 pages

Identification of Irradiated Foods

chapter 7|16 pages

Microbiological Safety of Irradiated Foods

chapter 8|42 pages

Nutritional Adequacy of Irradiated Foods

chapter 11|38 pages

Government Regulation of Irradiated Foods

chapter 12|32 pages

Consumer Attitudes

chapter 13|6 pages