Analytical and comprehensive, this state-of-the-art book, examines the mechanics and engineering of unsaturated soils, as well as explaining the laboratory and field testing and research that are the logical basis of this modern approach to safe construction in these hazardous geomaterials; putting them into a logical framework for civil engineerin

Part 1: Physical and Flow Characteristics of Unsaturated Soils  1. Basic Physics, Phases and Stress State Variables  2. Measurement and Control of Suction: Methods and Applications  3. Flow Laws, Seepage and State-Dependent Soil-Water Characteristics  Part 2: Collapse, Swelling, Strength and Stiffness of Unsaturated Soils  4. Collapse and Swelling Caused by Wetting  5. Measurement of Shear Strength and Shear Behaviour of Unsaturated Soils  6. Measurement of Shear Stiffness  Part 3: State-Dependent Elasto-Plastic Modelling of Unsaturated Soils  7. A State-Dependent Elasto-Plastic Critical State-Based Constitutive Model  Part 4: Field Trials and Numerical Studies in Slope Engineering of Unsaturated Soils  8. Instrumentation and Performance: A Case Study in Slope Engineering  9. Engineering Applications for Slope Stability