In this complete and thorough update of Arthur Boucot's seminal work, Evolutionary Paleobiology of Behavior and Coevolution, Boucot is joined by George Poinar, who provides additional expertise and knowledge on protozoans and bacteria as applied to disease. Together, they make the Fossil Behavior Compendium wider in scope, covering all relevant ani

Functional Morphology. Specialized, Potentially Interacting Biological Substrates. Mutualism. Host-Parasite and Host-Parasitoid Relationships and Disease. Density and Spacing. Predation and Feeding Behaviors. Communication. Trace Fossils and Their Formers. Specialized Substrates. Sexual Behavior. Parental Care. Depth Behavior. Phoresy. Carrier Shells. Pollination Ecology. Social Insects. Long-Range Migration. Molting. Sensitive Plants. Reptilian and Mammalian Burrows and Dens. Vertebrate Endocranial Casts. Preening. Grain-Size Selectors. The Seagrass Community Complex. Shelter. Flying and Gliding Vertebrates. Possible Genetic-Developmental Defects. Teratologies. Disease. Marine Molluscan Larval Types and Their Behavior. Competition Involving Bryozoans. Lost Behaviors and Their Vestigial Evidence. Stunting. Oceanic vs. Neritic. Human Behavior. Summary and Conclusions. References.