The compact size, reliability, and low cost of diode lasers lead to applications throughout modern technology-most importantly in modern optical telecommunication systems. This book presents a comprehensive introduction to the principles and operation of diode lasers. It begins with a review of semiconductor physics and laser fundamentals, before describing the most basic homojunction laser. Later chapters describe more advanced laser types and their applications, including the most recently developed and exotic laser designs. The author's intuitive style, coupled with an extensive set of worked examples and sample problems, make this an outstanding introduction to the subject.

Essential Semiconductor Physics
Laser Fundamentals
Optical Properties of Semiconductor Materials
The Double Heterostructure Laser
Quantum Well Lasers
The Vertical-Cavity Surface Emitting Laser
Diode Laser Modeling
Lightwave Technology and Fiber Communications
High Power Laser Diodes
Blue Lasers and Quantum Dots
Quantum Cascade Lasers