While global sourcing has expanded dramatically in terms of activities, consistent challenges remain for organizations that choose such a business decision. These challenges include maximizing the opportunity afforded by globalization, fully realizing potential gains, and managing the risks inherent to global development. In addition, while companies continue to start or expand their use of global resources, little is being done to help project managers, business analysts, architects, and others succeed in this new environment.
Built upon real-world experiences, Managing Global Development Risk provides the tools, techniques, and knowledge necessary to achieve project success with offshore resources. By reading and utilizing the templates within this book, you will acquire:  Knowledge of project management principles and their application,  
Understanding of software development processes and their application , Insight into the diverse personalities within your global development team and the appropriate management and communications style to achieve success.
Awareness of cultural issues and mannerisms that will enhance your ability to guide your team
To fully realize the benefits of global development, a proper mix of local and offshore resources is essential. This book is an important tool that can help you gain the necessary competency and expand your skills in this critical area.

The Emergence of Global Development Managers. Offshore Trends. Global Development Manager Foundation. Initiating the Global Development Project. Planning the Global Development Project. Executing a Global Development Project. Controlling a Global Development Project. Closing a Global Development Project. Thinking Globally. Emergence of the Global Development Manager.