Forensic Engineering Investigation is a compendium of the investigative methodologies used by engineers and scientific investigators to evaluate some of the more common types of failures and catastrophic events. In essence, the book provides analyses and methods for determining how an entity was damaged and when that damage may have legal consequen

Introduction. Wind Damage to Residential Structures. Lightning Damage to Well Pumps. Evaluating Blasting Damage to Structures. Building Collapse Due to Roof Leakage. Putting Machines and People Together. Determining the Point of Origin of Fire. Electrical Shorting. Explosions. Determining the Point of Origin of an Explosion. Arson and Incendiary Fires. Simple Skids. Simple and Vehicular Falls. Vehicle Performance. Momentum Methods. Energy Methods. Curves and Turns. Visual Perception and Motorcycle Accidents. Interpreting Light Filament Damage. Automotive Fires. Hail Damage. Blaming Brick Freeze-Thaw Deterioration on Hail. Management's Role in Accidents.