Understanding the elastoplastic deformation of metals and geomaterials, including the constitutive description of the materials and analysis of structure undergoing plastic deformation, is an essential part of the background required by mechanical, civil, and geotechnical engineers as well as materials scientists. However, most books address the su

ELEMENTS OF CONTINUUM MECHANICS: Tensor Preliminaries. Kinematics of Deformation. Kinetics of Deformation. Thermodynamics of Deformation. THEORY OF ELASTICITY: Finite Strain Elasticity. Rate-Type Elasticity. Elastic Stability. THEORY OF PLASTICITY: Elastoplastic Constitutive Framework. Constitutive Equations of Phenomenological Plasticity. Plastic Stability. Multiplicative Decomposition. Crystal Plasticity. Micro-to-Macro Transition. Polycrystalline Models.