Tremendous technological developments and rapid progress in theory have opened a new area of modern physics called high-field electrodynamics: the systematic study of the interaction of relativistic electrons or positrons with ultrahigh-intensity, coherent electromagnetic radiation.

This advanced undergraduate/graduate-level text provides a

INTRODUCTION:. Lorentz Transform and 4-Vectors. Covariant Electrodynamics. Gauge Condition and Transform. ELECTROMAGNETICS: Green and Delta Functions, Eigenmode Theory of Waveguides. Plane Waves and Photons. Relativistic Transform of the Refractive Index: Cerenkov Radiation. Three-Dimensional Waves in Vacuum, Ponderomotive Scattering. RELATIVISTIC ELECTRONS AND RADIATION: Coherent Synchrotron Radiation, Relativistic Fluid Theory. Compton Scattering, Coherences, and Radiation Reaction. Bibliography. Index.