Balancing rigorous theory with practical applications, Linear Systems: Optimal and Robust Control explains the concepts behind linear systems, optimal control, and robust control and illustrates these concepts with concrete examples and problems.

Developed as a two-course book, this self-contained text first discusses linear systems, incl

Introduction. State Space Description of a Linear System. State Feedback Control and Optimization. Control with Estimated States. Robust Control: Fundamental Concepts and, and Techniques. Robust Control: Sliding Mode Methods. Appendix A: Linear Algebraic Equations, Eigenvalues/Eigenvectors and Matrix Inversion Lemma. Appendix B: Quadratic Functions, Important Derivatives, Fourier Integrals and Parseval's Relation. Appendix C: Norms, Singular Values, Supremum and Infinimum. Appendix D: Stochastic Processes. Appendix E: Optimization of a scalar function with constraints in the form of a symmetric real matrix equal to zero. Appendix F: Flexible Tetrahedral Truss Structure. Appendix G: Space Shuttle Dynamics during Reentry.