To configure and maintain an operating system is serious business. With UNIX and its wide variety of "flavors," it can be especially difficult and frustrating, and networking with UNIX adds still more challenges.

UNIX Administration: A Comprehensive Sourcebook for Effective Systems & Network Management is a one-stop handbook

Section I: UNIX ADMINISTRATION: UNIX - Introductory Notes. The UNIX Model - Selected Topics. UNIX Administration Starters. System Startup and Shutdown. UNIX Filesystem Management. UNIX Filesystem Layout. UNIX System Security. UNIX Logging Subsystem. UNIX Printing. Terminals. UNIX Backup and Restore. Time Related UNIX Facilities. Section II: NETWORK ADMINISTRATION: Network Fundamentals. TCP/IP Network. Domain Name System. Network Information Service - NIS. Network File System - NFS. UNIX Remote Commands. Electronic Mail. UNIX Network Support. Section III: SUPPLEMENTAL UNIX TOPICS: X Window System. Kernel Reconfiguration. Modems and UUCP. Intranet. Section IV: CASE STUDIES: UNIX Installation. Upgrade a Disk Space. Emergency Situations.