This book presents the analysis, design, documentation, and quality of software solutions based on the OMG UML v2.5. Notably it covers 14 different modelling constructs including use case diagrams, activity diagrams, business-level class diagrams, corresponding interaction diagrams and state machine diagrams. It presents the use of UML in creating a Model of the Problem Space (MOPS), Model of the Solution Space (MOSS) and Model of the Architectural Space (MOAS). The book touches important areas of contemporary software engineering ranging from how a software engineer needs to invariably work in an Agile development environment through to the techniques to model a Cloud-based solution.

chapter 5|24 pages

Use Case Models-1: Actors and Use Cases

chapter 9|14 pages

Class Model-2: Basic Class Diagram

chapter 11|23 pages

Class Model-3: Advanced Class Designs

chapter 12|19 pages

Interaction Modeling with Sequence Diagrams

chapter 14|14 pages

Dynamic Modeling with State Machine Diagrams

chapter 16|19 pages

Interface Specifications: Prototyping

chapter 19|22 pages

Software Testing: Plan, Design, and Execute