Building on the success of previous editions, the 4th edition of ‘Introduction to Human Factors and Ergonomics’ provides a comprehensive and up to date introduction to the field. The new edition places the subject matter into a system context using a human-machine model to structure the chapters and a knowledge application model to structure the organisation of material in each chapter. Every chapter covers: Core Concepts, Basic Applications, Tools and Processes, and System Integration issues regardless of topic. Includes over 200 exercises and essays (at least ten per chapter). An Instructor’s Manual, A Guide to Tutorials and Seminars and and over 500 powerpoint slides are available for academic users from the publisher. All chapters contain ‘HFE Workshop’ sections with practical guidance and worked examples. Please see the TOC for more information.

chapter 2|34 pages

The Body as a Mechanical System

chapter 4|48 pages

Standing and Sitting at Work

chapter 9|32 pages

Working in Hot and Cold Climates

chapter 11|44 pages

Hearing, Sound, Noise, and Vibration

chapter 13|40 pages

Displays and Controls

chapter 14|50 pages

Interactive Devices and the Internet

chapter 16|38 pages

System Stability and Sustainability