Based on new primary and secondary drinking water standards, this detailed manual presents water treatment methods that are considered the "best available technology" by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). It examines the design of water supplies for membrane water treatment plants, including reverse osmosis, membrane filtration, and electrodialysis methods, and it explains process design and the water quality problems associated with each process. It also considers significant aspects of membrane process and groundwater and surface water supply development. Information necessary to operate water supplies and evaluate problems in the system are provided, in addition to specific well construction details necessary for the water wells used to supply membrane plants.

section 1|9 pages

Water Supply Needs and Changing Technology

section 2|29 pages

The Membrane Water Treatment Process and Water Chemistry Considerations

section 3|28 pages

Surface Water as a Feedwater Source

section 4|79 pages

Groundwater as a Feedwater Source

section 5|12 pages

Improvement of Membrane Treatment Plant Efficiency

chapter 14|10 pages

Aquifer Storage and Recovery Technology

section 6|11 pages

Concentrate Water Disposal

chapter 15|9 pages

Methods of Concentrate Disposal