Servers are the heart of the network. The Handbook of Server Management and Administration keeps you up-to-date with the very latest server technology and gives you the tools you need to choose, configure and maintain a server that will serve users, data streams and corporate goals with equal efficiency. The practical tips and case studies you'll find in the Handbook include detailed explanations of:

  • the case for mainframe servers in the enterprise
  • server installation considerations
  • server security policies
  • server data bus standards
  • migrating to NetWare 4.1 and Novell Directory Services
  • Windows NT Workstation vs. Server 4.0
  • UNIX as an application server
  • fax servers
  • Internet e-mail servers
  • the art of placing images and multimedia on the corporate network
  • and more!

    The contributing authors to the Handbook of Server Management and Administration are industry experts. Some work at corporations that have designed innovative solutions. Some wear battle scars from the field. Many are experienced writers and public speakers. All of them know what they're talking about. These leading authorities give you a wealth of practical advice, tips and strategies on how to:
  • evaluate anti-virus solutions within distributed environments
  • set up fault tolerance protection and RAID technology for networks
  • choose the best network data and storage management techniques
  • 1. Defining the Question 2. Overview of Servers and Functions 3. Hardware 4. Network Operating Systems 5. Application Servers 6. Server Management Add-Ons.