Handbook of Comparative Pharmacokinetics and Residues of Veterinary Therapeutic Drugs is a unique compilation of comparative pharmacokinetic data for veterinary therapeutic drugs. The book features an excellent introductory chapter on basic veterinary pharmacokinetics and includes pharmacological data taken from hundreds of primary research references. These data are presented in standardized units and are arranged in conveniently organized tables so that comparisons between data can be made easily. Much of the data is new and was taken from articles in which data was not subjected to pharmacokinetic analysis.

chapter 1|30 pages

Principles of Pharmacokinetics

chapter 2|6 pages

Orientation to Chapters and Tables

chapter 3|116 pages

Central Nervous System Drugs

chapter 4|102 pages

Anthelmintic Drugs

chapter 5|88 pages

Nonsteroidal Antiinflammatory Drugs

chapter 6|64 pages


chapter 7|59 pages


chapter 8|58 pages

Cardiovascular And Renal Drugs

chapter 9|92 pages

Miscellaneous Drugs