AI is an integral part of every video game. This book helps professionals keep up with the constantly evolving technological advances in the fast growing game industry and equips students with up-to-date information they need to jumpstart their careers. This revised and updated Third Edition includes new techniques, algorithms, data structures and representations needed to create powerful AI in games.

Key Features

  • A comprehensive professional tutorial and reference to implement true AI in games
  • Includes new exercises so readers can test their comprehension and understanding of the concepts and practices presented
  • Revised and updated to cover new techniques and advances in AI
  • Walks the reader through the entire game AI development process
  • part I|1 pages

    AI and Games

    chapter 1|17 pages


    chapter 2|17 pages

    Game AI

    part II|1 pages


    chapter 3|154 pages


    chapter 4|101 pages


    chapter 5|187 pages

    Decision Making

    chapter 6|89 pages

    Tactical and Strategic AI

    chapter 7|93 pages


    chapter 8|70 pages

    Procedural Content Generation

    chapter 9|59 pages

    Board Games

    part III|1 pages

    Supporting Technologies

    chapter 10|32 pages

    Execution Management

    chapter 11|40 pages

    World Interfacing

    chapter 12|23 pages

    Tools and Content Creation

    chapter 13|25 pages

    Programming Game AI

    part IV|1 pages

    Designing Game AI

    chapter 14|31 pages

    Designing Game AI

    chapter 15|11 pages

    AI-Based Game Genres