This book on SDP is the first of this kind that attempts to put all SDP related RFCs together with their mandatory and optional texts in a chronological systematic way as if people can use a single “super-SDP RFC” with almost one-to-one integrity from beginning to end to see the big picture of SDP in addition to base SDP functionalities.

chapter 1|34 pages

Networked Multimedia Protocols

chapter 2|77 pages

Basic Session Description Protocol

chapter 3|81 pages

Negotiations Model in SDP

chapter 4|6 pages

Capability Declaration in SDP

chapter 5|16 pages

Media-Level Attribute Support in SDP

chapter 7|42 pages

Media Grouping Support in SDP

chapter 9|120 pages

Network Protocol Support in SDP

chapter 10|8 pages

Transport Protocol Support in SDP

chapter 11|15 pages

RTP Media Loopback Support in SDP

chapter 12|32 pages

Quality-of-Service Support in SDP

chapter 13|32 pages

Application-Specific Extensions in SDP

chapter 14|52 pages

Service-Specific Extension in SDP

chapter 15|19 pages

Compression Support in SDP

chapter 16|67 pages

Security Capability Negotiation in SDP