Marine Design XIII collects the contributions to the 13th International Marine Design Conference (IMDC 2018, Espoo, Finland, 10-14 June 2018). The aim of this IMDC series of conferences is to promote all aspects of marine design as an engineering discipline. The focus is on key design challenges and opportunities in the area of current maritime technologies and markets, with special emphasis on:

• Challenges in merging ship design and marine applications of experience-based industrial design

• Digitalisation as technological enabler for stronger link between efficient design, operations and maintenance in future

• Emerging technologies and their impact on future designs

• Cruise ship and icebreaker designs including fleet compositions to meet new market demands

To reflect on the conference focus, Marine Design XIII covers the following research topic series:

•State of art ship design principles - education, design methodology, structural design, hydrodynamic design;

•Cutting edge ship designs and operations - ship concept design, risk and safety, arctic design, autonomous ships;

•Energy efficiency and propulsions - energy efficiency, hull form design, propulsion equipment design;

•Wider marine designs and practices - navy ships, offshore and wind farms and production.

Marine Design XIII contains 2 state-of-the-art reports on design methodologies and cruise ships design, and 4 keynote papers on new directions for vessel design practices and tools, digital maritime traffic, naval ship designs, and new tanker design for arctic. Marine Design XIII will be of interest to academics and professionals in maritime technologies and marine design.


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Risk and safety

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Arctic design

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Energy efficiency

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Propulsion equipment design

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Navy ships

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Offshore and wind farms

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