This fourth edition of How Drugs Work equips readers with a set of clear concepts for matching the pharmacology to the diagnosis, and has been completely revised and updated to reflect the latest knowledge and terminology. Rather than providing overwhelmingly comprehensive information, it condenses the aspects of pharmacology directly relevant to everyday practice into a concise, accessible volume, including material on the half life of drugs, patient non-compliance and severe chronic inflammation.

chapter 1|8 pages

Getting a drug into the body: absorption

chapter 9|8 pages

The principal targets for drug action

chapter 10|8 pages

Calcium ion for the prescriber

part |2 pages

Drugs and the Central Nervous System

chapter 14|4 pages

Drugs used to treat Parkinsonism

chapter 15|6 pages

Pain and analgesics

chapter 16|2 pages

How anti-emetic drugs work

chapter 17|4 pages

Antipsychotic drugs

chapter 18|4 pages

Antidepressant drugs

chapter 19|2 pages

Anti-epileptic drugs

chapter 21|2 pages

Alzheimer's disease